Spectrum Auction 2016


Description of impact

The case project Spectrum Auction 2016 illustrates the new departmental model of engaging with society through a new initiative, the Aalto Economic Institute (AEI). AEI is a science and policy interface that facilitates a better match between research expertise within the department and external demand for academic input into important societal problems. The expertise in AEI builds on the faculty’s research excellence: projects are selected based on their fit with the academic strengths of the department, and their potential to generate future highquality research opportunities.

In this case study, we demonstrate our pilot project, which was conducted in cooperation with the Finnish Communications Regulatory Agency (FICORA). Wireless broadband is a critical government-owned resource. Deepening digitalization of society increases the societal importance of the resource. Well-functioning wireless network markets are a prerequisite for digitalization. Well-designed auction of the bands simultaneously creates two effects: healthy competition between wireless service providers and maximal revenue for the government.