Securing Society with Platform Security


Description of impact

The relentless digitalisation of society is accompanied by increasing security and privacy risks that are inherent in the use of information and communication technologies. Historically, research and development in the area of information security has focused on securing communication by drawing from enabling technologies like cryptography. But increasingly, the security of endpoints, also
known as platform security, is essential to provide true end-to-end protection from security threats. Platform security encompasses the set of hardware and software technologies that can be leveraged to secure applications and services.

Aalto University’s Secure Systems Group has been taking a two-pronged approach to research in platform security: 1) designing new platform security
technologies, and 2) developing novel ways of using already widely-deployed platform security technologies. As a result, Aalto University has emerged as a
world leader in academic research in platform security, especially in the domain of hardware-assisted trusted execution environments (TEEs). In addition to top-tier publications, media exposure and invention disclosures, leading technology companies like Intel have set up significant research initiatives like Intel Collaborative Research Institutes in collaboration with Aalto University.