Quantum Technology – Excellence for the benefit of industry and society


Description of impact

Aalto’s impact in the field of quantum technology (QT) builds on the long tradition of pioneering research. The first research groups were already established in Otaniemi in the early 1960s. Since then, a vigorous interplay between ground-breaking research and in-house development of unique research instruments has shown prominent impact, leading to several academic spinoffs and even international success stories in the fields of modern refrigeration, low-temperature instrumentation, human brain imaging and physical security applications, among others. Today, the Aalto research cluster in QT is unique compared to research at other Finnish organisations, as well as at the European level and globally. Our carefully focused research programs allow us to investigate and harness quantum phenomena for constructing new types of components, sensors and detectors, and even matter with designed functionalities, desired to implement the 2nd quantum revolution. Our comprehensive researcher training, extensive collaboration with key technology partners and companies, and versatile efforts in public outreach provide the key elements to efficient societal interaction into the future.