Improving Systems with Operations Research


Description of impact

The Systems Analysis Laboratory (SAL) group is active in operations research (OR) – also known as the science of better – which is the scientific discipline of using mathematical models to support decisions in the planning and operation of systems. The theories, methods and tools developed by SAL help address decision problems characterized by multiple objectives, constraints, uncertainties and stakeholders. In these problems, human behaviour is important because interacting with people is essential in structuring and scoping problems, eliciting
expert judgements, and interpreting OR results in a dialogue with decision makers.

The societal impact of SAL research arises through several mechanisms, including: 1) the improved quality of decisions arising from the use of better
methods and tools, 2) the adoption of research results by collaborators and by scientists and practitioners beyond Aalto, and 3) the training of researchers and professionals who benefit from their OR skills throughout their careers.