Co-creating poverty alleviating, sustainable innovations in complex global systems


Description of impact

The research on poverty-alleviating sustainable innovations at Aalto School of Business’s Department of Management Studies has pioneered in raising the awareness, skills and action of Finnish businesses, relevant government ministries, and international business intermediaries on inclusive business development. Likewise, it has nurtured skills needed for co-creating sustainability innovations within East African and Indian entrepreneurs, universities and intermediaries. Over 300 companies have participated in the events and bootcamps of the project, and four sustainability startups have been catalysed. New forms of student learning within research-related field projects have been developed, providing students with skills on solving complex global sustainability challenges with innovative approaches that rely on combining local knowledge in emerging market communities with expert knowledge. Using action research as a tool, we work on innovation cases related to affordable housing, renewable energy, clean water, circularity of materials and waste prevention in emerging markets, and we facilitate the development of an impact business ecosystem between Finland and emerging markets. In this way, the New Global works toward the Sustainable development goals and supports the future competitiveness of Finland.