Changing society - changing services

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The Research Institute for Health Care Facilities (Sotera) is a unit operating within the Department of Architecture at Aalto University. Sotera has a wide network of various actors in healthcare and elderly care and long-term experience in social and healthcare buildings. It networks with other Nordic universities on research on healthcare buildings. Moreover, it has participated in international collaboration, for example, the Regions of Knowledge programme, (funded by EU Framework 7) entitled JADE, joining innovative Approaches for the integration and Development of transnational knowledge of clusters policies related to independent of Elderly. The project incorporated a total of 42 partners from research driven national clusters.

The background of Changing society – changing services project is in the ongoing reform of social affairs and healthcare in Finland, which will affect the role of municipalities. The project was related to housing and urban design as well as services for older people: refurbishment of old facilities and development of new aging-friendly housing areas, as well as a combination of the two. The multiple case studies were implemented in different-sized municipalities in collaboration with local stakeholders. The architectural design process was a tool to further develop a new service model adaptable to different contexts. The project is funded by a consortium of 21 members.
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