Case Study— Algebra and discrete mathematics


Description of impact

Research of the Algebra and Discrete Mathematics group has resulted in significant societal impact. 1) Providing guidelines and methods to be potentially
used by: a) companies and institutes in order to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (to take effect May 2018); b) companies treating big (and sensitive) data; c) state broadcasters and operators related to wireless communications and edge caching, especially those working under the DVB-NGH and DVB-T2 MIMO standards, to which the group has contributed during the past few years; d) user/city/vehicle communities participating in peer-to-peer, device-to-device, and machine-type communications. 2) Educating experts in algebra and discrete mathematics, accompanied with a strong flavour of practical applications as described here. These young scholars will be the future experts in national and international academic and industrial playgrounds. Regarding student supervision, we have tight networks with Finnish industry (Nokia, Bitwards), which guarantees true application potential. 3) Conducting both theoretical and applied research at the intersection of algebra and
discrete mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering. Recent breakthrough papers and event participation (invited speaker, invited lecturer,
workshop organiser) demonstrate high visibility in the academic community and help disseminate the research outcomes to wider audiences. The success has been possible thanks to a unique combination of expertise in several fields of mathematics and understanding of contemporary ICT problems.