Advancing the Circular Economy of Metals

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The four research groups have provided an unprecedented increase in the volume of metal circular economy activities taking place in Finland - exceptionally the groups have provided a bridge between industry, policymakers and academia that has led to the commitment of a wide range of different stakeholders to the Aalto’s multifaceted activities. As a consequence, a broad cross-section of society (e.g., decisionmakers, media, industry, educators and the public) have an increased interest and understanding of Aalto’s sustainability related activities. For example, Aalto University is the leading partner of the Circular Metal Ecosystem – CMEco project, with a €5m budget including 11 industrial and 5 research organisations.

The natural resources of metals are running out, and the only way to secure the continuously increasing need for metals is to change from the linear to circular economy of metals. Currently, the main obstacle is that end-of-life equipment is not recycled, although the technology for the separation of metals back to raw materials either already exists or can be developed. Consequently, this lack of awareness of all stakeholders, including key policy makers and citizens, must be addressed.
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