Advanced energy solutions: nuclear power production renewable energy technologies


Description of impact

Energy science research in the Department of Ap­plied Physics (PHYS) takes two main directions: future nuclear power production and renewable energy technologies. Research, teaching and train­ing in these areas is primarily accomplished by three groups: Antimatter and Nuclear Engineering (Prof. Filip Tuomisto), Fusion and Plasma Physics (Prof. Mathias Groth), and New Energy Technolo­gies (Prof. Peter D. Lund). Their significant societal impacts have been by: 1) conducting basic and ap­plied research to develop infrastructure and initia­tives toward well-functioning energy systems, 2) educating advanced energy and technology experts as key drivers to improve Finnish, European and global competence, and 3) providing guidelines for regulations used nationally and throughout Eu­rope to increase the safety of current practices or procedures, and/or the development of new ones. Energy science forms a wide and multi-disciplinary research area in PHYS, thus, our activities include advisor roles in the public sector.