Accounting for improving healthcare productivity


Description of impact

Healthcare costs have increased faster than gross domestic product in Finland for long time. Partly due to this, the government is undertaking major social and healthcare reform in Finland. Reform includes establishment of new regions to replace communities as entities responsible for organising healthcare services, new methods of financing health services, et cetera.

A small team of researchers (see below) was set up in the department in 2013 to produce facts and numbers to support decision making in the context of reform. We published a number of reports based on our work (see section 3 for references). Our findings were discussed on Finnish television and radio channels, and many newspapers published articles based on our work (see section 5). Two senior members of the research team have provided briefings to government ministers, various political parties, senior government officials as well as hospitals and hospital district leaders. Team members have been asked to attend hearings at Parliament and provide statements concerning the proposed legislation regarding the reform.