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Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) is a versatile but still very expensive commodity since existing processes are inefficient and the production scale of respective mills is small (<10 000 tonnes/year). The AaltoCell™ process allows us to overcome this challenge, implementing paper pulp as a raw material and high-capacity production of MCC in pulp mills using significantly smaller quantities of chemicals than before. In addition, the sugars generated in the manufacturing process can be used to produce bio-based chemicals or biogas.AaltoCell™ process has entered the phase in which new, full-scale, basic process installations are planned in Finland (Kemijärvi, Boreal Bioref Ltd.), Germany (confidential) and Japan (confidential). Aalto University and ANDRITZ Oy agreed in December 2017 on a cooperation to commercialize Aalto-Cell™ technology for the global market.
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