Aalto University Industrial Internet Campus (AIIC)


Description of impact

Aalto University Industrial Internet Campus (AIIC) is a joint strategic initiative of the four engineering schools of Aalto University: Schools of Science, Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Chemical Technology. At present, several departments from these schools are actively participating in the initiative: Computer Science (SCI), Mechanical Engineering (ENG), Civil Engineering (ENG), Electrical Engineering and Automation (ELEC), Communications and Networking (ELEC), and Biotechnology and Chemical Technology (CHEM). The initiative is open for other schools and departments to join.

AIIC aims to create a world-class platform for research, education, and innovation in Industrial Internet, based on close encounters with manufacturing and ICT researchers and industries. The physical manifestation of AIIC will be built in the Puumiehenkortteli area of Aalto University’s Otaniemi campus as part of the implementation of Aalto’s campus strategy. It will act as a joint innovation and test platform for students, researchers, innovators and companies to create new industrial applications of smart, connected products and services in an open
production-like environment. The ambition of the AIIC is to provide a superb physical and digital infrastructure with labs and working spaces for students,
innovators and companies; networking facilities; access to fixed and wireless networks (LTE/4G, 5G); ubiquitous sensors for tracking activities; and cloud
and data analysis services. It will also offer a solid platform of digital design
and manufacturing covering the full lifecycle of next-generation smart,
connected industrial products and services, including capabilities for the
rapid realization of physical prototypes by 3-D printing and other novel digital
manufacturing technologies.

With this, AIIC becomes a landing and growing space for industrial companies, small- to medium-sized enterprises, and startups in industrial and ICT domains, fostering innovations and new business for all and creating research opportunities for Aalto. In particular, through a close liaison with Aalto entrepreneurship activities, such as Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, Startup Sauna, Aalto Ventures Program, EIT Digital Business Development Program, EIT RawMatters KIC entrepreneurship programmes and SLUSH, AIIC increases
the clock speed of manufacturing industries to internet scale to bring new innovations, business and wealth to Finnish economy. Close cooperation with
manufacturing and the ICT industry is a core aspect of the initiative, materializing new opportunities for industry to get access to the full scale of research, education, innovation and entrepreneurship activities in the topic area and linking it to talent through project courses, diploma workers and doctoral
students, and speeding up learning from innovative use/business cases exposed by experiments and student projects. Conversely, AIIC will get access to
technology, systems, data and knowledge of industry to enable insightful and impactful research.