A Secure Society

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The Ministry of Finance requested the help of Aalto University experts to design and develop the future high security network for safety and security organizations in Finland. The Ministry wanted to have the best know-how in the country to enable the development of the best possible technical solution and
related policies and even legislation. Altogether 15 Aalto researchers and professors took part in this multi-year project.

The Government Security Network (TUVE) is owned and managed by the state and it meets the requirements of high preparedness and high security. The services offered in the TUVE network enable daily work in both operational and administrative tasks. The users of TUVE services come from the central authorities responsible for public safety and security, rescue services, border security, emergency response, immigration, emergency care and defense. The services are available throughout the country and can also be used for international assignments. They are produced, monitored and administered
around the clock. The role of the Aalto researchers in the design and development of the TUVE network was to act as a trusted third party, and to support the technical leader of the project assigned by the Ministry of Finance. Our work affected different areas of the overall undertaking, from deep technical solutions to non-technical aspects and even legislation.
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