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The Solid Mechanics laboratory is a unique facility designed for the strength testing of materials and structures in multiple length scales. The smallest test specimens are measured in centimetres, while the largest can span several metres in size. The laboratory is equipped with a variety of hydraulic cylinders, and the test forces range from 5 kN to 1000 kN. In addition, two uniaxial test machines (100 kN and 250 kN) are available, with the latter combined with an environmental chamber (-127 C ... +320 C). In addition to conventional measurement techniques like force and displacement transducer and strain gages, the laboratory is equipped with digital full-field measurement systems. With this equipment we test, e.g., metals, composite materials, and ice.

In the solid mechanics laboratory, we carry out data-driven experiments spanning length scales from micrometres to metres. Our core expertise is the characterization of material and structural deformation mechanisms. With this fundamental knowledge predictive engineering models can be developed, e.g., for the modelling of fatigue and fracture in large engineering applications. The fundamental knowledge is also utilized in collaboration with our colleagues at Aalto University and in the industry to create new structural solutions and design guidelines required for a carbon neutral future.


NameSolid Mechanics Laboratory
Acquisition date01/01/1983


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