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OtaNano – Nanofab is the largest micro and nano fabrication cleanroom in Northern Europe, with a total of 2600 m2 lab space for state-of-the-art research and technology development. It enables fabrication of micro and nano structures, quantum devices, microsystems and microfluidic chips, micro and nano sensors, photonics and optoelectronic devices. Also, small scale mass production and fabrication of prototypes is possible in Nanofab. The devices are available for individual use or as a service. Safety and basic user trainings are a requirement for equipment use. Courses are organised on demand.

Nanofab cleanroom and measurement laboratories enable several fabrication and measurement processes, mainly on silicon or quartz wafers. The cleanroom is divided to areas with cleanroom classification ranging from ISO4 to ISO6. Most of the areas belong to class ISO5. In addition to the main cleanroom there are laboratories with built-in cleanrooms for micropackaging and back-end processes as well as well-equipped and controlled labs for MOVPE and other thin film processes.


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