Metsähovi Radio Observatory

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    Metsähovintie 114

    Kylmälä (Kirkkonummi)



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Metsähovi Radio Observatory is the only astronomical radio observatory in Finland. Metsähovi’s main instrument is the 14-metre radio telescope, used around the clock, every day of the year. Its observational data is used, e.g., for studying active galaxies, the Sun, and the rotation of the Earth. The research activities at Metsähovi are concentrated on radio observations done at millimetre waves and microwaves (2-150 GHz). The main areas are solar millimeter and microwave radiation, variable quasars and active galaxies, and very long baseline interferometry (VLBI). In addition to operating and developing radio telescopes and their receivers, Metsähovi also runs extremely accurate atomic clocks and specialized computers for interferometric observations. Metsähovi is also the only place in Finland, and one of the few in the world, where students can study and practice making radio-astronomical observations hands-on. Metsähovi hosts researchers and students from different universities and departments, and from the Finnish Centre for Astronomy with ESO.


NameMetsähovi Radio Observatory
Acquisition date05/04/1974


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