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Aalto Environmental Hydraulics Lab (EHL) is a multipurpose laboratory for experimental research and teaching activities. With two flumes and other equipment, EHL provides a setting for scientific research with a view on applications in environmentally sound hydraulic engineering.

At Aalto University, environmental hydraulics is a transdisciplinary field that combines technological, environmental, economical and societal interests in a wide context. Our research is motivated by the challenges arising from environmental flood management and river restoration.

Environmentally sound hydraulic engineering seeks to mitigate adverse effects on the natural water cycle, and rehabilitate damages in the hydro-environment. The proper understanding of the associated physical, chemical and biological attributes and processes is the basis for the development of reliable modelling tools for river hydraulics, morphology, and sediment and pollutant transport.

The investigations focus on flow-vegetation-sediment interactions, with special emphasis placed on vegetative hydraulics. Laboratory and field-scale experiments and numerical models are used to develop potential engineering solutions to transdisciplinary problems.


NameEnvironmental Hydraulics Lab
Acquisition date01/06/2016


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