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  • Tapio Koskinen (Manager)

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    VÄRE / Otaniementie 14




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The ARTS Workshops offer a high-quality environment for teaching, research and artistic work. The customised spaces house a broad range of equipment enabling work with a diverse range of materials, methods and processes. Workshops include weaving, knitting, sewing, textile printing, pattern making, the Biofilia laboratory of biological art, 3D-printing, waterjet cutting, NC machining, mechatronics, plastics & laser cutting, paint shop, ceramics, glass studio, printmaking, various printing services, metalworking, woodworking, several photo studios, and AV and IT equipment hire. Each workshop has a workshop master, a specialist in their field, who is on hand to advise on the use of equipment and techniques. For more information and workshop contact details visit:


NameARTS Workshops
Acquisition date01/01/2018


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