Aalto Ice and Wave Tank

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Aalto Ice and Wave Tank is an ice test basin for research on ships, marine structures, and ice. With basin dimensions of 40 x 40 m, the facility is the largest of its kind in the world. The tank is equipped with a high-power refridgeration plant, a test bridge and carriage, and a system for the generation of model ice suited for reduced-scale experiments. Other equipment include a wavemaker, an optical 3D-positioning system, and data acquisition systems. Typical experiments in the tank are resistance, propulsion, and manoeuvring of ships in ice, ice loads on marine structures, and modeling of natural ice formations, such as ice ridges. Further, the facility enables a wide range of experiments on the physical phenomena related to sea ice, and also open water testing. Aalto Ice and Wave Tank is an open access facility and available for use for academic professionals and industrial experts according to our access guidelines and pricing principles.


NameAalto Ice and Wave Tank
Acquisition date01/01/1987


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