OtaNano – Nanomicroscopy Center

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The Nanomicroscopy Center (NMC) is a large microscopy cluster housing various high-resolution microscopy apparatus for soft, hard, and biomaterial characterization. Instruments include an ultrahigh-resolution transmission electron microscope, a liquid helium cryo-TEM, high-resolution scanning electron microscopes, an environmental scanning electron microscope, a scanning probe microscope, and UHV STM and X-ray scattering equipment. The Center is used by research teams based at Aalto University, as well as researchers from other universities, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and companies. The Center is administered by the Department of Applied Physics and it is part of the national Otaniemi Research Infrastructure for Micro- and Nanotechnologies, OtaNano. Access to NMC: NMC is an open access facility and available for use for the academic professionals and industrial experts according to access guidelines and pricing principles described on the LTL website: http://nmc.aalto.fi/en/fees/. For further information: Nanomicroscopy Center (nmc.aalto.fi), OtaNano (www.otanano.fi)
Responsible personJanne Ruokolainen
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