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Aalto University’s Low Temperature Laboratory (LTL) is a world-class centre for studying physical phenomena at ultra-low temperatures and nanoelectronics. LTL houses a large variety of research facilities for low-temperature and nanoelectronics research. The facilities include twelve dilution refrigerators for sub 1 K research, three nuclear demagnetization cryostats for sub mK research, and facilities, such as a microRaman setup and an atomic force microscope, for characterizing samples after fabrication. For sample preparation, e-beam lithography can be carried out down to 100 nm resolution in a semi-clean-room environment. The facilities are a valuable asset for physicists, as well as for small high-tech companies working with cryogenic applications. LTL is administered by the Department of Applied Physics and it is part of the national Otaniemi Research Infrastructure fo Micro- and Nanotechnologies, OtaNano. Access to LTL: LTL is an open access facility and available for use for the academic professionals and industrial experts according to access guidelines and pricing principles described on the LTL website: http://ltl.aalto.fi/en/prices/. For further information: Low Temperature Laboratory (ltl.aalto.fi); OtaNano (www.otanano.fi)
Responsible personPertti Hakonen
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