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The Otaniemi research infrastructure for micro- and nanotechnologies, OtaNano is a joint research infrastructure comprising of three facilities: M2 cleanroom in Micronova Nanofabrication Centre, Nanomicroscopy Center and Low Temperature Laboratory. About the infrastructure: OtaNano is a national research infrastructure (RI) offering a wide variety of facilities for the needs of micro- and nanoscience and technology, and quantum engineering. These facilities are important for scientists as well as for high-tech companies working with micro- and nanotechnology applications. The RI is a national platform to develop innovative enabling technologies and apply them to practical micro- and nano-systems. It serves as a first-rate educational centre for young researchers, and acts as a national node for scientific collaboration. OtaNano is is an open access RI, operated by Aalto University and VTT, and available for academic and commercial users internationally. Facilities and prices: The research infrastructure (RI) offers complete cleanroom located fabricationlines for micro- and nanostructures from conventional lithrography to electronbeam lithography and from mask fabcication to characterization of the devices.The RI provides a wide scope of imaging applications including state-of-the-art electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy and X-ray scattering. It consists of several ultra-low temperature refrigerators with versatile transport and high-frequency measurement capabilities. Lists of instruments and their prices and respective contact information can be found on the OtaNano website: www.otanano.fi. All on the same campus: All the facilities are located in one campus area at Otaniemi, Espoo, to provide maximum ease of use. The Instruments are placed in three different locations and they all are available for internal and external users of Aalto university and VTT. User training is provided by need. For more information, visit OtaNano website on: www.otanano.fi
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