Metsähovi Radio Observatory

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The Metsähovi Radio Observatory focuses on fields such as radio astronomy, radio astronomical measurement technology, and space research. The observatory houses Finland’s only radio telescope suitable for research purposes and is available to researchers 24/7 for generating data for work in areas such as quasars and solar research. Researchers based at Metsähovi oversee course work for the School of Electrical Engineering and the University of Turku; and graduate students can study for a licentiate degree or doctorate at Metsähovi. Access to Metsähovi Radio Observatory: Metsähovi Radio Observatory (MRO) is an open access facility available for use for the academic professionals and industrial experts. Most of the equipment is in use“24/7/365”, and access and pricing are negotiated case by case, based on the needs of the project. For more information, please refer to the infrastructure website: or director Joni Tammi,, tel. +358 (0)29 448 4858. Research outputs: For accurate list of research outputs, please visit:
Responsible personJoni Tammi
Acquisition date05/04/1974
Research TechniqueOther

Available for users outside Aalto University

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