Aalto Acoustics Lab

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The Aalto Acoustics Lab is a multidisciplinary research center of the Aalto University. The Acoustics Lab gathers professors and research teams from three different units: Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics, Department of Computer Science, and Department of Media. Our research and teaching focus on audio processing and spatial sound technologies.

The Aalto Acoustics Lab has outstanding facilities for sound-related research, including three anchoic chambers, a listening room, sound-proof listening booths, a large amount of loudspeakers and headphones, and high-quality microphones and other measurement equipment.

For more information about the reservation of the facilities and equipment, please contact: Prof. Ville Pulkki (firstname.lastname@aalto.fi).
Responsible personVille Pulkki
Acquisition date01/01/1975
Research TechniqueOther

Available for users outside Aalto University

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