Water quality data with nitrate

  • Pirjo-Liisa Rantanen (Creator)



Water quality data in a drinking water distribution network (Helsinki and Vantaa, in Finland). This data includes all the samples that have nitrate analysis. Monochloramine is used in the distribution network as secondary disinfection chemical. The water originates from Lake Päijänne. The titles of the Excel file are in Finnish.

Included are an Excel file, an abstract and a poster, where this data was partly utilized. The reference of the poster and abstract: Rantanen, P 2015, Nitrification in drinking water distribution network in Helsinki and Vantaa. in Finnish Conference of Environmental Sciences 12th May 2015, Jyväskylä. ed. / Elijah Ngumba; Tuula Tuhkanen; Matti Leppanen; Jaakko Mannio; Sanna Pynnonen. Jyväskylä : FCES, 2015. p. 51.
Date made available29 Oct 2019

Dataset Licences

  • CC-BY-4.0

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