VAFW cylinders 2020, S1, S2, S4, S8, stitched imperfections



The files contain geometric imperfection data of variable-angle filament-wound (VAFW) cylinders.

The data is generated by the stitching algorithm described in the manuscript:

Castro, S. G. P., Almeida, J. H. S., Jr., St-Pierre, L., & Wang, Z. "Measuring geometric imperfections of variable-angle filament-wound cylinders with a simple digital image correlation setup". Composite Structures, 2021. 10.1016/j.compstruct.2021.114497


In that manuscript, the naming convention translates as follows.

Cylinder name in the dataset <--> cylinder name in the manuscript:

S1 <--> MAS2 <--> CAS4 <--> VAFW4S8 <--> VAFW8

The geometry for all cylinders is:

Radius: 68 mmHeight: 300 mm

The nominal mass of each cylinder is:

S1: 148 gS2: 146 gS4: 149 gS8: 165 g

The mass of each cylinder can obtained with the measured thickness, assuming a mass density of 1600 kg/m^3:

S1-1-measurement-1 , mass [g], 148.04908367397067S1-1-measurement-2 , mass [g], 148.06366872269544S1-1-measurement-3 , mass [g], 148.07853475262579S1-2-measurement-1 , mass [g], 148.12795252244214S1-2-measurement-2 , mass [g], 148.18336161880055S1-2-measurement-3 , mass [g], 148.13671728820555S1-3-measurement-1 , mass [g], 148.02889844076526S1-3-measurement-2 , mass [g], 148.07346957933277S1-3-measurement-3 , mass [g], 148.05218142229177S2-1-measurement-1 , mass [g], 146.03702890361745S2-1-measurement-2 , mass [g], 146.0667964152358S2-1-measurement-3 , mass [g], 146.062382271943S2-2-measurement-1 , mass [g], 145.96773915505852S2-2-measurement-2 , mass [g], 145.98095334963728S2-2-measurement-3 , mass [g], 145.96911295676836S2-3-measurement-1 , mass [g], 145.96503867661744S2-3-measurement-2 , mass [g], 145.97143963499434S2-3-measurement-3 , mass [g], 145.96604504264243S4-1-measurement-1 , mass [g], 149.01060556798063S4-1-measurement-2 , mass [g], 149.02315109376266S4-1-measurement-3 , mass [g], 149.02602382977014S4-2-measurement-1 , mass [g], 149.1244878768776S4-2-measurement-2 , mass [g], 149.16120601624365S4-2-measurement-3 , mass [g], 149.0956174217226S4-3-measurement-1 , mass [g], 149.07358988366047S4-3-measurement-2 , mass [g], 149.07591392086718S4-3-measurement-3 , mass [g], 149.01711325199713S8-1-measurement-1 , mass [g], 164.7732786126909S8-1-measurement-2 , mass [g], 164.7708215699278S8-1-measurement-3 , mass [g], 164.77019780435964S8-2-measurement-1 , mass [g], 164.67137223901923S8-2-measurement-2 , mass [g], 164.6618011844223S8-2-measurement-3 , mass [g], 164.65422000625884S8-3-measurement-1 , mass [g], 164.70843953800022S8-3-measurement-2 , mass [g], 164.70712745911177S8-3-measurement-3 , mass [g], 164.69301645319925

All coordinates (x,y,z) and the imperfection amplitude (imp) are in millimeters.

Files: XXX_msi.txt contain imperfection in rectangular coordinates, represented by a cloud of points and their respective x,y,z position.

Files: XXX_msi_theta_z_imp.txt contain imperfection in polar coordinates: theta, z, imperfection amplitude.

These file formats are ready to be used with the DESICOS plug-in for Abaqus.

Date made available2021

Dataset Licences

  • CC-BY-4.0

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