Total Rotor Runout Dataset

  • Tuomas Tiainen (Creator)
  • Raine Viitala (Creator)
  • Timo Holopainen (Creator)
  • Björn Hemming (Creator)



Total Rotor Runout Dataset

Data of tactile multi-probe and eddy current displacement measurement of an electric motor rotor shaft surfaces.

Original measurement data related to publication:
T. Tiainen, R. Viitala, T.P. Holopainen, B. Hemming, Analysis of total rotor runout components with multi-probe roundness measurement method, Measurement, Volume 179, 2021, 109422, ISSN 0263-2241, (

All data is in raw format in CSV files. The measurements were triggered with a 1024-pulse rotary encoder and contain 5 rounds of data (5120 points).

The multi-probe roundness measurement algorithm implementations are available at:

Multi-probe roundness data, tactile measurement (Figures 6 and 9)

Raw data of four-point tactile roundness measurement.

DescriptionFile namez offset (mm)Left polished surface four-point tactile measurementroundness/left-polished.csv477Left journal bearing four-point tactile measurementroundness/left-journal-bearing.csv363Left support bearing four-point tactile measurementroundness/left-support-bearing.csv0Right support bearing four-point tactile measurementroundness/right-support-bearing.csv-1320Right journal bearing four-point tactile measurementroundness/right-journal-bearing.csv-1575

Electrical runout data, simultaneous tactile and eddy current probe measurement (Figures 7 and 8)

Raw data of electrical roundness measurement, including one file with S1 and eddy data and another file with S1, S2, S3 and S4 tactile multi-probe roundness measurement data (simultaneous measurement, S1 data are equal in both files).

DescriptionFile nameLeft polished tactile and eddy current measurementelectrical-runout/left-polished.csvLeft polished four-point tactile measurementelectrical-runout/left-polished-roundness.csv


All tactile probe readings (S1 to S4) will need to be multiplied by 1/409.6 to obtain the values of the probes in micrometers.Eddy current probe data (analog voltage) was calibrated to the simultaneous eddy current probe measurement as described in the publication. The resulting calibration coefficient was 0.002130021300212892.

Names of variables

VariableDescriptionnIndex number of measurement point (starting from rotary encoder reference pulse)S1Tactile displacement sensor 1S2Tactile displacement sensor 2S3Tactile displacement sensor 3S4Tactile displacement sensor 4eddyEddy current sensor (voltage)



This dataset was obtained within the 19ENG07 Met4Wind project. This project has received funding from the EMPIR programme co-financed by the Participating States and from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Project title: Metrology for enhanced reliability and efficiency of wind energy systems
Funder name: European Commission
Funder ID: 10.13039/100014132
Grant number: 19ENG07 Met4Wind
Link to project homepage:
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Date made available2021

Dataset Licences

  • CC-BY-4.0

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