Reflectance spectra of common boreal ground lichen species



Collection of the lichen samples and measurements of their reflectance spectra are described in detail in Kuusinen, N., Juola, J., Karki, B., Stenroos, S., Rautiainen, M. (2020). A spectral analysis of common boreal ground lichen species. Remote Sensing of Environment 247, 111955.

The dataset consists of biconical reflectance factors of 12 ground lichen species collected from southern Finland. The samples were collected in October-November 2019, and the nadir-view reflectance factors were measured in a dark laboratory using an ASD FieldSpec 4 spectroradiometer (serial number 18641). The spectral range of measurements was 350-2500 nm, and spectral resolution was 3 nm at 700 nm and 10 nm at 1400 and 2100 nm. For common mat-forming lichen species, spectra of 8-10 samples of 250 cm2 size are reported, while for not mat-forming species, spectra of 3-5 samples of size 50 cm2 are reported. All samples were measured as fresh (brought from outside to inside and directly measured) and dry (two days in room temperature). Example photographs of the sampled species can be found from the file Data_description.pdf.

The first four rows in the data contain information for citing and reading the data. First column "Lichen_sample" indicates the species and number of the lichen sample and whether it was measured as fresh or dry, and the subsequent columns "wl350"-"wl2500" indicate the measured reflectance value at that wavelength. The encoding of the csv file is UTF-8.
Date made available31 Mar 2021
PublisherMendeley Data
Date of data production2019
Geographical coverageFinland

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