Refashioning the Renaissance Database

  • Paula Hohti (Supervisor)
  • Sophie Pitman (Creator)
  • Michele Nicole Robinson (Creator)
  • Stefania Montemezzo (Creator)
  • Anne-Kristine Sindvald Larsen (Creator)
  • Victoria Bartels (Creator)
  • Lena Kingelin (Creator)
  • Piia Lempiäinen (Creator)



Created by the ERC-funded Refashioning the Renaissance project, this database holds the largest collection of inventories gathered from artisanal groups in early modern Europe, focusing on Italy (Florence, Siena, and Venice) and Denmark (Elsinore) from 1550-1650. Over the course of the project (2017-2022), over 700 inventories were collected and transcribed, generating a total of 92,000 entries, all of which are accessible in the Refashioning the Renaissance database. Dress, textiles, arms, jewellery, trimmings, and fashion accessories are some of the many items recorded. In the category of clothing, for instance, the data comprises an extensive array of garments, including (but certainly not limited to) aprons, bodices, cassocks, petticoats, shirts, sleeves, cloaks, breeches, jerkins, and stockings.
Date made availableNov 2022
PublisherAalto University
Temporal coverage1550 - 1650
Date of data production2017 - 2022
Geographical coverageEurope, focusing on Italy (Florence, Siena, and Venice) and Denmark (Elsinore)

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