MEG dataset for the article "MEG signature of social conformity: Evidence from evoked and induced responses"

  • Ivan Zubarev (Creator)
  • Vasily Klucharev (Creator)
  • Alexei Ossadtchi (Creator)
  • Anna Shestakova (Creator)



The data set contains averaged MEG measurements of the event-related fields and 3d reconstructions of individual cortical surfaces. Data analysis was performed with Brainstorm (Tadel et al. 2011), which is documented and freely available for download online under the GNU general public license ( The data is organized in brainstorm database format and can be imported directly using Brainstorm software. The participant's identities are encoded, individual facial features are blurred and any other personal information is also removed from the data.
Date made available2015

Dataset Licences

  • CC0-1.0

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