Mapping Manuscript Migrations Knowledge Graph

  • Mikko Koho (Creator)
  • Jouni Tuominen (Creator)
  • David Lewis (Creator)
  • Esko Ikkala (Creator)
  • Benjamin Heller (Creator)
  • Emma Thomson (Creator)
  • Doug Emery (Creator)
  • Guillaume Porte (Creator)
  • Andrew Morrison (Creator)
  • Athanasios Velios (Creator)
  • Hanno Wijsman (Creator)
  • Eero Hyvönen (Creator)
  • Toby Burrows (Creator)
  • Lynn Ransom (Creator)
  • Antoine Brix (Creator)
  • Synnøve Myking (Creator)
  • Kevin Page (Creator)
  • Mitch Fraas (Creator)



The Mapping Manuscript Migrations (MMM) project transformed three separate datasets into a unified knowledge graph. The source databases include

- Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts from the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies,
- Bibale database from the Institute for Research and History of Texts, and
- Medieval Manuscripts in Oxford Libraries.

The Knowledge Graph has been created using the MMM data transformation pipeline. This dataset is available on a public SPARQL endpoint (<em></em>) and it can be directly deployed onto a SPARQL endpoint using this docker recipe.

To test and demonstrate its usefulness, the MMM Knowledge Graph is in use in the MMM Semantic Portal.

Version History

1.0.0, January 2020.1.1.0, February 2020, Updated Bibale and SDBM source datasets, data processing improvements.2.0.0, May 2020, Updated SDBM source dataset, data processing fixes affecting some generated URIs.2.1.0, September 2020, Updated Bibale and SDBM source datasets, minor data processing bug fixes.2.2.0, January 2021, Updated Oxford source dataset, minor data processing improvements.


Date made available20 Jan 2021

Dataset Licences

  • CC-BY-4.0

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