leomccormack/Spatial_Audio_Framework: v1.3.0

  • Leo McCormack (Creator)
  • Christoph Hold (Creator)
  • Juhani Paasonen (Creator)
  • Michael McCrea (Creator)
  • Sigurd Saue (Creator)
  • Rapolas Daugintis (Imperial College Business School) (Creator)



Added saf_hades moduleAdded binauraliser_nf and tvconv examplesAdded saf_utility_dvf.h/.c to saf_utilities moduleAll Bessel and Hankel functions now have two variants, with one having a "_ALL" suffix that returns all orders from 0 to the specified order, and another returning only the specified orderAdded the ability to select which SOFA reader to use (libmysofa or the built-in netcdf one)Removed the "loadSofaFile()" function (marked as deprecated since October 2020).
Breaking changes:
All Bessel and Hankel functions to have a "_ALL" suffix, since they return all orders up to the specified maximum order. Therefore, if you were using these functions prior to this version, then you will also need to add this suffix to retain previous behaviour.

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Date made available2022

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