Historical Irrigation Dataset (HID)

  • Mika Jalava (Other)
  • Stefan Siebert University of Bonn (Creator)
  • Matti Kummu (Creator)
  • Miina Porkka (Contributor)
  • Petra Döll Goethe University Frankfurt (Contributor)
  • Navin Ramankutty University of British Columbia (Contributor)
  • Bridget Scanlon University of Texas at Austin (Contributor)



HID (Historical Irrigation Dataset) depicts the extent of area equipped for irrigation (AEI) for 1900 to 2005 in 5 arc-minute resolution.The dataset consists of seven parts that are supplementary information to the article Siebert et al., 2015 in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences.
Date made available27 Mar 2015
Temporal coverage1900 - 2005
Date of data production2015
Geographical coverageGlobal

Research Output

A global data set of the extent of irrigated land from 1900 to 2005

Siebert, S., Kummu, M., Porkka, M., Döll, P., Ramankutty, N. & Scanlon, B. R., 2015, In : Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 19, 3, p. 1521-1545

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleScientificpeer-review

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Jalava, M. (Other), Siebert, S. (Creator), Kummu, M. (Creator), Porkka, M. (Contributor), Döll, P. (Contributor), Ramankutty, N. (Contributor), Scanlon, B. (Contributor) (27 Mar 2015). Historical Irrigation Dataset (HID)doi:10.13019/M20599