Framework for risk assessment for maritime transportation systems, supplement to: Montewka, Jakub; Ehlers, Sören; Goerlandt, Floris; Hinz, Thomasz; Tabri, Kristjan; Kujala, Pentti (2014): A framework for risk assessment for maritime transportation sy [...]

  • Sören Ehlers (Contributor)
  • Floris Goerlandt (Creator)
  • Tomasz Hinz (Contributor)
  • Pentti Kujala (Creator)
  • Jakub Montewka (Creator)
  • Kristjan Tabri (Contributor)



    Maritime accidents involving ships carrying passengers may pose a high risk with respect to human casualties. For effective risk mitigation, an insight into the process of risk escalation is needed. This requires a proactive approach when it comes to risk modelling for maritime transportation systems. Most of the existing models are based on historical data on maritime accidents, and thus they can be considered reactive instead of proactive.
    Date made available1 Jan 2014

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