Foresail-2 Orbital Lifetime Analysis



The dataset has been created with the following inputs for DRAMAs CROC. Inputs for DRAMA Outputs for DRAMA Orbital elements CROC Inclination 15 ° F3. Randomly tumbling satellite RAAN 0 ° Average cross section for 6U 0.170 m^2 Argument of perigee 0 ° Minimum Cross Section 0.028 m^2 Drag coefficient 2.2 N/A Maximum Cross Section 0.268 m^2 SRP coefficient 1.3 N/A Orbit Predigtion Update 08.02.2023 6U CubeSat with 2 folding panel + boom Dry mass 14 kg Main body dimensions 0.11x0.34x0.25 m^3 Solar Panel X+ 0.007x0.34x0.25 m^3 Solar Panel X- 0.007x0.34x0.25 m^3 Extended boom dimensions 0.07x0.68x0.01 m^3 Magnetometer dimensions 0.05x0.05x0.05 m^3 OSCAR simulations have been conducted with orbits with apogee varying from 15000 km to 65000 km in 5000 km steps. The perigee has been varied for every apogee height from 250 km to 400 km in 50 km steps. Every simulation has been done for 4 different launch dates: 21.03.2025 12:00:00 Spring 21.06.2025 12:00:00 Summer 21.09.2025 12:00:00 Autumn 21.12.2025 12:00:00 Winter If not specified otherwise all settings in DRAMA have been kept to the default values.
Date made available2023
Date of data production14 Feb 2023

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  • CC-BY-4.0

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