Electrical impedance dataset of a thorax shaped tank

  • Topi Kuutela (Contributor)
  • Aku Seppänen (Creator)
  • Antti Nissinen (Creator)
  • Stratos Staboulis (Creator)
  • Nuutti Hyvönen (Creator)



This is a collection of Electrical Impedance Tomography measurements of a thorax cross-section shaped tank with 16 electrodes. These are published primarily for reproducibility and therefore the documentation is incomplete.

The measurements were carried out in 2009 by Aku Seppänen (University of Eastern Finland), Antti Nissinen (Aalto University), Stratos Staboulis (Aalto University) and Nuutti Hyvönen (Aalto University). If you have questions about the data, please contact Nuutti Hyvönen (firstname.lastname@aalto.fi).

For information about the measurement device, please refer to:
Kourunen, J., Savolainen, T., Lehikoinen, A., Vauhkonen, M., and Heikkinen, L. M. - Suitability of a PXI platform for an electrical impedance tomography system. Meas. Sci. Technol. 20 (2009), 015503. DOI: 10.1088/0957-0233/20/1/015503

For a general overview of the measurement setup, please refer to section 4.3 on:
Hyvönen, N., and Mustonen, L. - Smoothened electrode model. SIAM J. Appl. Math. 77 (2017), 2250–2271. DOI 10.1137/17M1124292
Date made available2021

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