Double-directional Multipath Data at 140 GHz



This data set contains 140 GHz double-directional path data in an indoor hall environment. Details of the environment and data format are available in .txt and .ppt files in the same package as data. The data were derived from channel sounding along with a measurement-based ray-launcher, which is elaborated in the following paper.

M. F. de Guzman, P. Koivumäki and K. Haneda, "Double-directional multipath data at 140 GHz derived from measurement-based ray-tracer," in Proc. 2022 Vehicular Technology Conference, Helsinki, Finland, June 2022.

author={de Guzman, Mar Francis and Koivum\"{a}ki, Pasi and Haneda, Katsuyuki},
booktitle={2022 95th Veh. Tech. Conf. (VTC2022-Spring)},
title={Double-directional multipath data at 140 {GHz} derived from measurement-based ray-launcher},
address={Helsinki, Finland},
Date made available2022

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  • CC-BY-4.0

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