Data from: High-performance single-walled carbon nanotube transparent conducting film fabricated by using low feeding rate of ethanol solution



We report floating catalyst chemical vapor deposition synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) for high performance transparent conducting films (TCFs) using low feeding rate of precursor solution. Herein, ethanol acts as carbon source, ferrocene and thiophene as catalyst precursor and growth promoter, respectively. By adopting a low feeding rate of 4 μl/min, the fabricated TCFs present one of the lowest sheet resistances of ca. 78 ohm/sq. at 90% transmittance. Optical characterizations demonstrate that the mean diameter of high quality SWCNTs is up to 2 nm. Additionally, electron microcopy observations provide the evidences that the mean length of SWCNT bundles is as long as 28.4 μm while the mean bundle diameter is only 5.3 nm. Moreover, very few CNT loops can be found in the film. Remarkably, the fraction of individual SWCNTs climbs up to 24.6%. All those morphology data account for the superior optoelectronic performance of our SWCNT TCFs.
Date made available4 Jun 2018
PublisherDryad Digital Repository

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