Classification of small strength-2 covering arrays

  • Janne Kokkala (Creator)
  • Karen Meagher (Creator)
  • Naserasr Reza (Creator)
  • Kari Nurmela (Creator)
  • Patric Östergård (Creator)
  • Brett Stevens (Creator)



The files contain strength-2 covering arrays classified in the study "J. I. Kokkala, K. Meagher, R. Naserasr, K. J. Nurmela, P. R. J. Östergård, B. Stevens, On the Structure of Small Strength-2 Covering Arrays".

Each line in a file corresponds to a CA(N;2,k,v), rows of the covering array are separated by space. The file name format is ca_N_2_k_v.txt if all covering arrays were classified. Whenever only uniform covering arrays are classified, the file name is uca_N_2_k_v.txt. An additional suffix _delta_δ in the file name implies that only covering arrays with that δ parameter (see the publication) were classified. In some cases, the number of inequivalent covering arrays was too large for the arrays to be stored; those cases are omitted here.
Date made available31 Oct 2018

Dataset Licences

  • CC-BY-4.0

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