CFT-HY/HILA: Nightly

  • Kari Rummukainen (Creator)
  • Eelis Mielonen (Creator)
  • Jaakko Annala (Creator)
  • Tobias Rindlisbacher (Creator)
  • Jarno Rantaharju (Creator)
  • JRicardoC (Creator)



Hila (lattice in Finnish) is a C++ lattice field theory programming framework, aimed at HPC simulations.

Purpose: make writing applications straightforward and intuitive, while producing optimized executables for different (super)computing platforms (parallelization with MPI, GPU computing with Cuda or HIP, AVX vectorization, etc.). Details of the parallelization and computing architecture are hidden from the user's view, and all applications automatically run on present or future platform. Write once -- run anywhere.

Hila is based on hila preprocessor "hilapp", which is a C++ source-to-source transformer using the libtooling toolbox of the Clang compiler. It converts application C++ to platform-specific C++ code, which is passed to appropriate compilers for the platforms.

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Date made available7 Jun 2023

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