Calorimetry of a Quantum Phase Slip

  • Efe Gümüs (Creator)
  • Danial Majidi (Creator)
  • Danilo Nikolic (Creator)
  • Patrick Raif (Creator)
  • Bayan Karimi (Creator)
  • Joonas Peltonen (Creator)
  • Elke Scheer (University of Konstanz) (Creator)
  • Jukka Pekola (Creator)
  • Hervé Courtois (Creator)
  • Wolfgang Belzig (Creator)
  • Clemens Winkelmann (Creator)




FIG2.B : Spectrum measurement at cryostat temperatures 50 mK and 400 mKFIG2.C : Calibration curve - Output Power vs. Temperature at zero voltage bias for two phase dropsFIG2.D : Resonator response at zero voltage bias as a function of increasing applied magnetic flux, at three cryostat temperatures (50 mK, 200 mK, 400 mK)FIG2. E : Temperature dependence of the screening parameter βFIG3. A : Time-resolved electron temperature in the absorber, at different starting temperatures set by the cryostat bathFIG3. B : Return to equilibrium ∆T (t) at 100 mK, following a flux pulse.FIG3. C : Magnitude of the initial temperature rise ∆T_0 at t = 0 and the fit
Date made available2022

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