AALTO - Analysis of Drone Propagation With Ray Tracing From Sub-6 GHz Upto TeraHertz Frequencies in a Real World Urban Environment - DATA



The data set includes simulation results from radio propagation modelling of TERAWAY links (at W, D and THz bands) in realistic 3D propagation environments. The modelling is performed using a Ray Tracing Tool developed in MATLAB environment at Aalto University. Ray tracing technique used in this tool is based on Image Theory (IT) algorithm. Unlike a quasi three-dimensional environment, it supports ray tracing in full three dimension. This data set contains propagation modelling results of the TERAWAY link. Output data includes (but is not limited to): Multipath component IDs, Path Distance (meter), Angle of Arrival AoA (degree), Angle of Departure AoD (degree), Direction of Arrival DoA (degree), Direction of Departure DoD (degree), E-Field (Volt/meter), H-Field (Ampere/meter), Phase (Radians), Power (Watts), Number of reflections a path experienced, Number of diffractions a path experienced, information that is it ground reflected path or not, Receiver location (x and y coordinates), information that is it rooftop path or not.
Date made available2023

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  • CC-BY-4.0

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