Aalto-1/RADMON data set 2017/2018

  • Jan Gieseler (Creator)
  • Philipp Oleynik (Creator)
  • Heli Hietala (University of Turku) (Creator)
  • Rami Vainio (Creator)
  • Hannu Pekka Hedman (University of Turku) (Creator)
  • Juhani Peltonen (Creator)
  • Arttu Punkkinen (University of Turku) (Creator)
  • Risto Punkkinen (University of Turku) (Creator)
  • Tero Säntti (University of Turku) (Creator)
  • Edward Hæggström (Creator)
  • Jaan Praks (Creator)
  • Petri Niemelä (Creator)
  • Bagus Riwanto (Creator)
  • Nemanja Jovanovic (Creator)
  • Muhammad Mughal (Creator)



General information:

For a description of the Aalto-1 mission, see Kestilä et al. (2013) and Praks et al. (2018)
For the RADMON instrument and its calibration, see Peltonen et al. (2014) and Oleynik et al. (2019)
For this dataset description, see Gieseler et al. (2019)
If you use this data set, please give a proper citation to Gieseler et al. (2019). e.g.:
Gieseler, J., Oleynik, P., Hietala, H., Vainio, R., Hedman, H.P., Peltonen, J., Punkkinen, A., Punkkinen, R., Säntti, T., Hæggström, E., Praks, J., Niemelä, P., Riwanto, B., Jovanovic, N., Mughal, M.R., 2019. Radiation Monitor RADMON aboard Aalto-1 CubeSat: First results. Advances in Space Research, doi:10.1016/j.asr.2019.11.023, arXiv:1911.07586
For omnidirectional averaged fluxes use combination of multiple measurements intervals (e.g., for the same coordinates) with total integration times of at least 30 minutes (for more details, see Gieseler et al., 2019)
Data gaps in the fluxes are indicated as empty entries, while zeros denote zero counts in the measurement interval
Empty entries in AACGM coordinates and L parameter indicate not-defined values

Data file columns description:

time: end time of measurement interval in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
e2 - e4: integral electron fluxes in (cm2 s sr)-1 (see below for energies)
i1 - i4: integral proton fluxes (cm2 s sr)-1 (see below for energies)
i5: differential proton flux (cm2 s sr MeV)-1 (see below for energies)
interval: integration time of measurement interval (usually 15s)
lat: geographic latitude of Aalto-1
lon: geographic longitude of Aalto-1
altitude: altitude above sea level (RE = 6371.0 km) of Aalto-1 (in m)
mag_lat: geomagnetic latitude of Aalto-1
mag_lon: geomagnetic longitude of Aalto-1
aacgmv2_lat: altitude-adjusted corrected geomagnetic latitude of Aalto-1
aacgmv2_lon: altitude-adjusted corrected geomagnetic longitude of Aalto-1
aacgmv2_mlt: magnetic local time based on the AACGM coordinates
L: McIlwain L parameter
See Gieseler et al. (2019) for descriptions of the different variables and its derivations.
Date made available15 Nov 2019

Dataset Licences

  • CC-BY-4.0

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