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Data from: Cryptic ecology among host generalist Campylobacter jejuni in domestic animals

Strachan, N. (Creator), Forbes, K. (Creator), Colles, F. (Creator), Jolley, K. (Creator), Bentley, S. (Creator), Maiden, M. (Creator), Hänninen, M. (Creator), Parkhill, J. (Creator), Hanage, W. (Creator), Corander, J. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 28 Mar 2014


On-Surface Synthesis of a π-Extended Diaza[8]circulene

Nakamura, K. (Creator), Li, Q. (Creator), Krejci, O. (Creator), Foster, A. (Creator), Kawai, S. (Creator), Ito, S. (Creator), 2020


Illustration of Data Agents network of Aalto University: Data Agents: How to put research data management into practice?

Darst, R. (Creator), Glerean, E. (Creator), Häggman, D. (Creator), Icheln, C. (Creator), Jalava, M. (Creator), Kuklin, M. (Creator), Nieminen, K. (Creator), Pawlicka-Deger, U. (Creator), Safdar, M. (Creator), Lähteenmäki, I. (Creator), Söderholm, M. (Creator), Sunikka, A. (Creator), Bingham, E. (Creator), 21 Oct 2019