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. Rhizosphere priming data for the northern circumpolar permafrost area, 2010⁠ – ⁠2100

Keuper, F. (Creator), Wild, B. (Creator), Kummu, M. (Creator), Beer, C. (Creator), Blume-Werry, G. (Creator), Fontaine, S. (Creator), Gavazov, K. (Creator), Gentsch, N. (Creator), Guggenberger, G. (Creator), Hugelius, G. (Creator), Jalava, M. (Creator), Koven, C. (Creator), Krab, E. J. (Creator), Kuhry, P. (Creator), Monteux, S. (Creator), Richter, A. (Creator), Shahzad, T. (Creator), Weedon, J. T. (Creator), Dorrepaal, E. (Creator), 20 Jul 2020


Data for 'Future Transboundary Water Stress and Its Drivers Under Climate Change: A Global Study'

Munia, H. (Creator), Guillaume, J. (Creator), Wada, Y. (Creator), Veldkamp, T. (Creator), Virkki, V. (Creator), Kummu, M. (Creator), 17 Jun 2020


Miniature raking test of ship bottom structure

Calle Gonzales, M. (Creator), Mendeley Data, 1 Nov 2019



Goetz, J. (Creator), Silveri, M. (Creator), Masuda, S. (Creator), Sevriuk, V. (Creator), Tan, K. (Creator), Jenei, M. (Creator), Hyyppä, E. (Creator), Hassler, F. (Creator), Partanen, M. (Creator), Lake, R. (Creator), Grönberg, L. (Creator), Möttönen, M. (Creator), 2018