Intercellular - Patterns of Interaction, showcased at the Virtual Design Festival

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Digital design is driven by a thinking in structures that focus on a pattern of order and their interaction. The project I"ntercellular" explores and formulates a responsive urban design speculation for an artificial peninsula in Helsinki, Finland.

Period22 Jun 2019

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitlePresentation in the Virtual Design Festival organized by dezeen.
    Media name/outletIntercellular - Patterns of Interaction
    Media typeWeb
    Duration/Length/SizeWeb presence unlimited
    DescriptionDezeen is the world's most popular and influential architecture and design magazine. Running from 15 April to 10 July, Virtual Design Festival is the world’s first online design festival. The student project "Intercellular" is chosen to be showcased during this Festival. The design was produced as part of the joint studio Digital Speculative Urbanism and Design of Structures of Prof. Pia Fricker and Prof. Dr. Toni Kotnik.
    Producer/Authorstudents: Jiaqi Wang, Xin Ding and Pirita Meskanen, supervisor: Pia Fricker, Toni Kotnik, advisor: Luka Piskorec and Kane Borg
    PersonsPia Fricker, Toni Kotnik


TitleVirtual Design Festival
LocationVirtual, Online
Period15 Apr 2017 → 10 Jul 2020


  • Computational Design Methodology
  • Water-Urbanism