Esse, issue 99 (2020), p. 111: Review of Giovanni Aloi ed, 'Why Look at Plants' (Brill)

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Review of Giovanni Aloi ed, 'Why Look at Plants' (Brill)
esse arts + opinions, published three times a year by Les ├ęditions esse, is a contemporary art magazine that focuses on disciplinary and interdisciplinary practices (visual arts, performance, video, current music and dance, experimental theatre) and all forms of socially inclined, site-specific or performative intervention. It favours analyses that address artworks within their (geographical, social, political or economical) contexts. It seeks to offer readers a topical magazine in the field of multidisciplinary art, as well as a communication, information and research tool that answers their needs. More than a magazine publisher, esse plays an active role in the art milieu. From time to time, Les ├ęditions esse organizes art symposiums and publishes their proceedings in bilingual books that are internationally distributed. We also publish an edition/collection of artists stamps (six stamps up until now) disseminated across Canada.

Period1 May 2020

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Media contributions