Surface Ornamentation as a byproduct of Digital Fabrication

Mohite, A. (Speaker)

Activity: Talk or presentation typesPublic or invited talk


This talk is a convergence of two lines of thought, namely the concept of surface ornamentation as indirect material trace of the process of formation and the notion of digital craft. Digital architectural craft is characterized by continuity between conception and production through tight connection between parametric design and digital fabrication as well as through increasing involvement of designer with manufacturing. (Kolarevic, 2008). Both computer software and digital fabrication tools with their abilities and limitations become organizational models for formation of matter, simultaneously computer-controlled fabrication machine is a joint between information and its actualization, it serves as a processor of matter through organizational algorithm. Most importantly, digital craft is workmanship of risk, because the outcome is not predetermined in its entirety; exercising continuous translation from digital to physical can be employed to discover, not merely represent. (Pye, 2002). Branko Kolarevic is reasoning in The (risky) Craft of Digital Making that craft is inseparable from the notions of glitch, error and unexpected results. In parametric design process form is a visualization of underlying generative substrate that is a network of relationships. Often the reaction of form to manipulation of this network is not linear or proportional, therefore digital craft is about learning and training to control the successive translation and transformation of data through iterative process.
Period30 Jun 2017
Held atSchool of Environment and Architecture, Mumbai, India, India


  • digital fabrication
  • ornament
  • craft