Snapshot / Flow Festival 2018

Arja Karhumaa (Supervisor), Joosung Kang (Visitor), Robert Lönnqvist (Visitor), Veera Kortelainen (Visitor), Oona Viskari (Visitor), Samar Zureik (Visitor), Juliana Hyrri (Visitor), Tiia Lindström (Visitor), Terhi Adler (Visitor), Veera Krouglov (Visitor), Aino Salonen (Visitor), Iiris Halme (Visitor), Matias Ylikangas (Visitor), Lukasz Geratowski (Visitor), Anni Tolvanen (Visitor), Anni Sairio (Visitor)

Activity: Other activity typesOther expert tasks or merit


The Visual Communication Design programme returned to Flow Festival with a concept titled ‘Snapshot’. It captured the whole festival experience and atmosphere in powerful visuals. These snapshots, or frozen moments, were described by eight illustrators in one over 100 meter long mural, and the concept was brought to life by five designers in short animations looping on the stage screens. 
Snapshot Identity: Joosung Kang & Oona ViskariMural team: Samar Zureik, Juliana Hyrri, Robert Lönnqvist, Tiia Lindström, Terhi Adler, Veera Krouglov, Aino Salonen & Iiris HalmeAnimations: Veera Kortelainen, Matias Ylikangas, Lukaz Geratowski, Anni Tolvanen & Anni Sairio
Period10 Aug 201812 Aug 2018
Event titleFlow Festival: null
Event typeFestival
LocationHelsinki, Finland
Degree of RecognitionInternational