GÀKTI LUPAUKSENA. Duodjin moniaistinen visuaalisuus ja estetiikka kirkollisissa tiloissa

Activity: Academic assessments Pre-examination of doctoral thesis or acting as opponent to doctoral students or membership of doctoral thesis committee or board


Opponent of the doctoral dissertation that examines the aesthetics and multisensory visuality of duodji in the ecclesiastical arenas. It approaches the theme by studying the celebrational dressing of the Sámi family in the Enontekiö region in Finland and the church textiles from a duodji perspective.

The study is divided into a theoretical reflection and an artistic production, the latter taking the form of two exhibitions as part of the dissertation. The first exhibition deals with Sámi family celebrations, christenings and confirmation and the second focuses on duodji art textiles designed for the ecclesiastical arena.
Period16 Feb 2024
ExamineeMaarit Magga
Examination held at
  • University of Lapland
Degree of RecognitionNational